Adding value to your property is what S.R.T exist for.

Sydney renovation team is a registered builder specialising in home renovation. We have an experienced, professional,  and reliable team of tradesman who are all well qualified. Our team members are creative, enthusiastic and can deliver the highest standard of workmanship in a timely and sophisticated manner. Sydney renovation team provides a wide range of services from kitchen, bathroom and laundry remodeling to interior makeovers and renovation. We take pride in our ability to deliver good quality home renovation and improvements to caters your unique needs.


    Sydney Renovation Team are reliable, commencing a project when agreed too and taking all care to complete work within specified time.


    Let’s make an appointment with our customer consultant today, tell us what you want and how we can help you, we will give you the best advice and solutions, to suit your plan, budget, time and lifestyles.


    After our customer consultant collects all information, we will provide a detailed quote as soon as possible.


    Once the quote is agreed, the contract will be prepared and work will commenced.


    We will take the greatest care in preparing your property before we carry out required work. a meeting will be held with project manager, all trades involved and the owner to discuss the smooth progress of the project.

  • STAGE 1

    Demolishing will be carried out such as remove of existing wall and floor tiles from the old bathroom etc.

  • STAGE 2

    Changes, such as add or relocating a toilet in the bathroom etc.

  • STAGE 3

    All new structural, walls and floor surface preparation such as new partition walls, plastering and floor screeding etc.

  • STAGE 4

    Hardware fit out, Such as install all the P.C. items in the bathroom and appliances in the kitchen etc.


    On completion of project, an inspection will be carried out to ensure satisfaction by owner.